The best description of the Kia Soulster comes via a Google translation of's post on it: Cabrio pick-up leisure car. Hey, works for us. What we appear to have in the Soulster is a cool-looking compact, four-seater (note that headrest behind the B-pillar) that's sort of in the vein of the late Isuzu Amigo. The windshield's chopped, the looks are a blend of Fisher-Price cute and Tonka Truck rugged, and overall, it works. A rollbar adds a hint of style and ostensibly helps keep everyone's noggins in one piece should the Soulster become inverted. Kiamino? Soulster Pickup? If Kia has the stones to actually produce something this fun-looking, they might just have a hit on their hands. We'll have full coverage from Motown starting this weekend. Thanks for the tip, Mircea.


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