It's long been expected that Cadillac would be the second American brand, after Chevrolet, to get access to GM's E-Flex extended-range electric-vehicle technology, and recent rumors indicate that a new concept car from Caddy will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show. According to Business Week, the new Cadillac concept will be a coupe along the lines of the recent 2-door CTS, which we think is a beautiful vehicle. The new coupe would be smaller than anything else that Cadillac currently offers (we doubt the marque would revive the Cimarron nameplate) and we're not yet sure which set of wheels would be powered.

Passing the E-Flex architecture to Cadillac makes perfect financial sense, as the expensive battery pack could be partially absorbed by the higher profit margins afforded by the luxury brand. If there's any truth to these rumors, you can bet that our intrepid group of scribes will be on top of it when we visit Detroit next week. Stay tuned.

[Source: Business Week]

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