Click above to view high-res images of this special-edition Veyron in Dubai

All Bugatti Veyrons are special, but some are most special than others. After seeing the seemingly endless parade of special editions of this most exclusive of supercar, George Orwell would have revised his work. Now, following the Sang Noir, Pur Sang, Fbg by Hermes, Grand Sport, a rumored Grand Sport Sang Noir, the Pegaso, a mirror-finish example and even the aftermarket Mansory Vincero, come these snapshots of yet another special edition Veyron.

This one-off, apparently spotted in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates (the same location where the Pegaso edition was seen), appears to have been made by Bugatti at its Molsheim headquarters for what is doubtlessly a very wealthy customer in Dubai. The car is painted in French Racing Blue, the most iconic of Bugatti colors, accented by brushed chrome trim all over and the wheels look similar to those employed on the aforementioned Hermes edition. Company founder Ettore Bugatti's signature is repeated on the door panel as well as in the interior and on the door sill plates. No telling if this special EB edition Veyron has had any mechanical changes, but we wonder how much more special a Bugatti can be expected to get. Considering the concentration of Veyrons in the Emirates, apparently an "ordinary" Veyron just ain't special enough.

[Source: via Autogespot]

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