Photo of Afghanistan by Carl Montgomery. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Afghanistan is a tricky place for outside powers. Beginning 800 years ago, outside forces have invaded, occupied and in other ways tried to influence the land and people there. Today, American and NATO military forces still fight the Taliban in an increasingly-worsening war. Australia also has troops in the country, and the Canberra Times thinks that focusing on biofuels is one way to reduce the Taliban's power. The basic idea: convince farmers who are currently growing poppy, which is made into opium/heroin and is controlled by the Taliban, to switch to growing biofuel crops. This would benefit the environment by reducing the amount of diesel fuel needed locally, and also reduce the Taliban's income stream. There is no way the Canberra Times' idea would work as well as they describe it - there are many reasons the region has been in a civil war for decaded - but shifting fields from drugs to biofuel can't hurt.

[Source: Canberra Times]

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