Click above for a gallery of the six KTM concept vehicles

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has seemingly made a successful introduction to the four-wheeled world with its X-Bow roadster, and the company has assured us that there is more to come. While we anxiously await production electric and hybrid motorcycles along with small city cars from KTM, we can at least feast our eyes on a few eco-concept vehicles that were designed by industrial design students at FH JOANNEUM University with the assistance of KTM designers.

All of these concepts are amazing, but two of them in particular caught our eye, since they are intended to be run on electricity and they seem fairly production feasible.
Ina addition to the two electric vehicles, there is an off-road-ready four-wheeler, two water-bound machines and one that flies. See 'em all in our gallery below.

[Source: FH JOANNEUM University]

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