Huge fine for Mercedes-Benz for poor fuel efficiency

Every year, automakers that fail to meet the federally-mandated CAFE fuel efficiency standards receive fines in proportion to their gas-guzzling crimes. Last year, DaimlerChrysler set a record with a fine of $30,357,635.50, and that figure is proving tough to beat. Still, Mercedes-Benz, which made up half of the failed marriage that was DaimlerChrysler, tried its best to top itself by recording a whopping $28.9 million fine for cars produced in 2007, again taking the gold medal. Come on, guys, we know you can do better ... or worse, or whatever.
Other manufacturers that fared poorly in CAFE reporting include Volkswagen, which was hit with a $4.5 million fine (much of which was due to the Touareg light truck), Porsche and Maserati, which tied with $1.2 million fines each, and Ferrari, which had $1.1 million in CAFE fines pulled from the clutches of its purse strings.

These huge fines are exactly why automakers are worried about the impending increase in fuel economy requirements. Those companies that managed to stay under the requirements are also going to need to know as soon as possible what mileage requirements are going to be in the coming years if they have any hope of staying in the clear. It looks like that will not happen quickly.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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