Click above for a gallery of the new Honda Insight

As the clock runs down to the official unveiling of Honda's new Insight for 2009, more information is leaking out of Europe, this time directly from Honda. A new brochure covering the entire European lineup, including the Insight, has gone live on the Honda Belgium site. According to the brochure, the new Insight's 1.3L engine is rated at 87 hp in European trim and it's paired up with a 13 hp motor in the IMA system. On the EU test cycle, the new hybrid is rated at a combined 53 mpg (US) while emitting just 101 g/km of CO2.

We had an opportunity to drive the US-spec Insight just before Christmas but we can't tell you anything else about it right now. For that you'll have to wait until 9am EST Sunday morning. Come back then to read all about the Insight and stick around for our full coverage of the Detroit Auto Show. Thanks to Julian for the tip!

Update: Honda has pulled the pdf file from its site, but you can find it here.

(Source: Honda Belgium]

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