Conspiracy theorists will need to take a back seat for this story, as Petron, the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines, recently held a "race" called the Sprint 4T Endurance and Economy Run of 2009. This was the first year the event took place, and it was designed to pit two-wheelers with four-stroke engines against each other to finish a course within a prescribed time limit. Best of all, the winners were determined not just by what order they finished in but by how little fuel they used in the process. That's an idea we can truly get behind, right?

Any machine with an engine displacing at least 100ccs was eligible to compete, and the entrants were divided into classes based on their displacement. We're happy to report that a Vespa ET4, complete with its relatively small 150cc four-stroke powerplant, managed to finish in the top five, and its fuel consumption was significantly better than any machine that beat its time. Nice work!

[Sources: Vespinoy and Motorcycle Philippines]

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