Holden Commodore once again Australia's best seller, with a catch

Click above for a high-res gallery of the VE Sportwagon SS-V

In a classic case of good-news versus bad-news, the Holden Commodore has once again managed to retain the title of Australia's best-selling vehicle in 2008. With this announcement, the Australian arm of General Motors has extended the Commodore's run as best seller to 13 straight years. That's the good news part. On the other hand, its 51,093 sales in 2008 are the model's lowest total since it first debuted in 1978. That, as you may have guessed, would be the bad news part.

Australia's second-best-seller is the Toyota Corolla, and the compact from Japan put up a very strong fight to wrest the title from Holden. There were a few main factors that eventually put the crown back on the Commodore, including the introduction of the Sportwagon bodystyle (above) and the October launch of Holden's $29,990 (AUS dollars) driveaway deal. Fuel prices also dropped towards the end of the year, and that likely helped swing the momentum back towards the Holden from the more fuel efficient Corolla. 2009? Time will tell.

[Source: Drive.com.au]

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