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KTM, the Austrian purveyor of both two- and four-wheeled motoring lust, has made it clear that it's a force to be reckoned with as it branches out into other enthusiast markets with such ridiculously awesome products as the X-Bow roadster and its RC8 superbike. Two things that remain a constant feature through all of the firm's recent products are the orange, black and white color pallette and its angular design language. These features, along with KTM's race-ready heritage, makes conceptual vehicle design for the company extremely interesting and proof comes in the form of six concepts designed by industrial design students at FH JOANNEUM University.

This is an instance where pictures speak louder than words, but we've copied the designer's stated vision for each machine with captions in our gallery below. Each of these concepts was designed in conjunction with KTM, so they may offer an early glimpse into what's coming from the company. In a word: awesome. We'll take one of each. Thanks for the tip, Marc!

  • The ax is a radical off-road four-wheel vehicle concept which links ktm's motocross competence to the purist design of the x-bow. hybrid propulsion combined with four individually steerable electric engines, huge ground clearance, reinforced tyres and a generously sized suspension offer maximum traction and unlimited agility.
  • 2018 - innovative race events are revolutionizing the motor sports industry. devon run: every weekend environmentally-friendly lightweight vehicles , propelled by high-torque electric motors, go for passing maneuvers on spectacular inner city race tracks - defined by the given infrastructure and modular curves. ktm dominates these events with the sr85 deuce.
  • KTM cx is a racing vehicle that brings the moto-x spirit to the water. surface tension is used to recreate the water's surface as ever-changing off-road terrain. when stopping, the cx rider sinks into the water up to her/his knees and sits in the water as if on a surfboard.
  • With the ktm 360°, a super light, silent electric bike, there are no obstacles. It allows you to apply any trick you want, even the fork turns 360 degrees and the foldable seat gives you the opportunity to cruise around and check out your city.
  • The ktm ascender is a gas turbine-propelled flight vehicle that is supported in the air by three rotors, which allow great agility. With a flight duration of 30 minutes and a maximum speed of 120 km/h, spectacular races similar to the red bull air race are possible.
  • Developed for circuit races, the ktm barracuda is the equivalent of the rc8 and the x-bow on the water. Extremely agile and designed to be self-stabilizing, amateurs can go for a fast ride while steering it safely. following the ktm slogan it is a hydrofoil boat just "ready to race".

[Source: FH JOANNEUM University]

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