CES 2009 preview: Panasonic connects your electric car to your house

Panasonic first showed off its HD-PLC system at CES in 2004 and, being car nuts, we totally ignored it. Other than letting all our gadgets talk to each other over a house's electrical lines, it did nothing for what we drive.
Now, Panasonic is announcing the ability of its PLC system to also communicate with that electric car charging in your garage. Officially, Panasonic is touting the technology in the name of security. The company claims that electric car owners can view video from an in-car camera to make sure their EV is charging safe and sound, while keeping tabs on the charging status of their cars from inside their home.

Unofficially, The Earth Times speculates that the system could also transfer music to the car's stereo, along with sending travel routes and movies to the in-car entertainment system. The setup could also include a command to adjust the seats for individual drivers.

HD-PLC Magazine says Panasonic's PLC has the potential to make electric cars lighter, replacing looms of wiring with a smaller, simpler, PLC-linked wiring system. We'll have to wait until Panasonic's press conference this week at CES for the official announcement.

[Source: The Earth Times]

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