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Just a quick update to Saturday's post about Th!nk's ever-increasing rescue potential. We wrote that Google translated the Norwegian of the original article as, "There will be no cars on the market in January." Our friend Leif wrote in to note that "the real translation should be 'There will be some cars on the market in January.'" So, that's positive. Leif has more information over at Electric A!d (he posts there as Leif Richard), where he and other are part of "Operation Th!nk," a grassroots effort to collect money for Th!nk. The idea is to use the donations to support "the only EV-Manufacturer in the world who has an electric car that is commercial[ly] available today." Sure, there is an asterisk to note that the rich can buy a Tesla, but I'm not sure how GEM and Miles and all the others feel about being left out. The Th!nk City has more oomph than those NEVs, but they are indeed EV that are available today.

[Source: Electric A!d]

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