How cool is it when you pull up to a parking space that's close to where you need to be and you're one of the few people allowed to park there? This privilege is most often reserved for handicapped persons and pregnant women, but the perk has been extended towards hybrid owners in a growing number of cities, communities and offices. Not surprisingly, there are both proponents (those with hybrids, obviously) for the system and opponents, most often people who choose fuel efficient vehicles that don't happen to be hybrids. This clash has led Fresno, California, to rescind its hybrid parking passes and the city of Ferndale, Michigan, to create its own special parking privileges to drivers of any car that get at least 30 miles per gallon in EPA testing.

The more reasons people have to choose a fuel efficient car, the better. Now that fuel prices have fallen so far, the ability to use HOV lanes and park in designated spots may help move the fuel-efficient metal.

[Source: USA Today - Photo: rscottjones CC 2.0]

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