Dongfeng began as one of Chairman Mao's pet projects in 1968, but lately, the Chinese automaker has been feeling left behind, despite being one of the largest carmakers in the pentad of China's auto industry. According to reports, Dongfeng intends to change that by introducing a new sport coupe of its own, with sales beginning sometime in 2009. While the pignosed monstrosity on the right isn't necessarily the final design, it's an enduring tribute to the first-generation Hyundai Tiburon after ransacking the Pep Boys' "shiny crap" aisle. At least there will be rockin' tunes supplied by that bitchin' concertina built into the hatchback. To be fair, what we've seen so far is a concept, so we'd expect an actual production car -- rumored to be aimed at the premium buyer and powered by Mitsubishi -- to be toned down. Here's hoping.

[Source: China Car Times]

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