If you think that the current generation of the Renault Twingo - a fairly low-polluting car and quite useful on crowded European cities - isn't that much of a looker, take a look at this first image of the Twingup. I happen to like to first-gen Twingo, but can appreciate that Renault has taken some inspiration from the converted Honda CRX convertibles for its new Twingo-based roadster.
The Twingup's manually-adjusted roof can be stored in the trunk, and Renault expects that this solution will lower the price of the car so as it will compete against similar cars such as the Micra C+C, the Peugeot 207 CC and the Opel Tigra, which have electrically-operated foldable roofs. The Twingup should appear during the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2010.

[Source: Autointernationaal]

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