The AltCar crowd around the EV1 and the Chevy Volt. Photo to Amy Williams

Many of the people in Plug in America were excited by Barack Obama's win in the US presidential election. So excited, in fact, that they applied to be part of the Presidential Inaugural Parade that will take place later this month. Well, with 1,300 other groups having the same idea, PIA's electric and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) contingent was not selected to take part in the Washington, DC event. Undeterred, PIA has announced their own "Inaugural Parade West: Plug In, America!" which will cruise through Santa Monica, CA on January 17. So far, PIA expects over thirty "EVs and PHEVs, including Teslas, numerous RAV4s (with tens of thousands of miles on each), Vectrix bikes, Chevy S10s and conversions." Chris Paine and his film crew will be on hand as part of their work on the sequel to "Who Killed The Electric Car?" As for major automaker participation, PIA said that, "We've invited GM to bring a vehicle. That will be the next news update. Or miracle? Hey, they brought a Volt to AltCarExpo...." (see above).

[Source: Plug In America]

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