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If you want to be world champion, especially a multiple world champion, you're going to need your own line of karts. Schumacher has one. So does Alonso. They've both won the F1 title multiple times, and Robert Kubica would undoubtedly like to join their ranks, so he's teamed up with Italian kart-makers Birel to offer his own special line of equipment.

Early in his career, the Polish driver was the official pilot for the Birel factory team, which gave him his leg up into the world of motor racing. He's come a long way since, climbing all the way up to Formula One with a shot at winning the title one day, but fast as he is, he's not so quick to abandon his roots. To that end, he's both launching his own RK karting line with Birel, and managing a team of aspiring drivers in the top level of world karting competition. We're sure to see some serious up-and-coming talent rising out of the initiative, but by then Kubica hopes to have made his mark in Formula One. Follow the jump for the full press release, and check out the images in the gallery below.

[Source: Birel] PRESS RELEASE


Polish Bmw Sauber F1 pilot will be actively involved in the project by directly managing an international KF class team

A very interesting novelty appears in the international kart racing panorama with the new CIK-FIA 2009-2014 homologation: a Robert Kubica name-branded kart frame line produced by Birel.

The partnership between the company based in Lissone and the Polish pilot revives following their successful collaboration during Kubica's karting days, when he was official pilot for Birel Motorsport before passing on to motor racing. The Polish pilot has gone a long way since then, but his passion for karting has remained unaltered. Just like the friendship bond with Birel management.

The project was born under these conditions with the aim to re-enter together the world of karting with an active role, "homologating" a line of frames bearing the unmistakable RK initials.

This initiative will not be a mere commercial operation involving only Kubica's name, but will see the Polish pilot's active participation in the management of a team which will participate to the main International KF class events, that is the WSK championship, the European Championships, the World Cups and the KF 1 World Championship.

Among the anticipations concerning the agonistic programme it must be said that Pietro Sassi, important technician who has operated for many years at top levels, will be the team manager of the racing team.

Kubica will be directly involved in both the selection of pilots and the technical orientation. In this regard, it is emblematic that he has been personally training on the track to give his own authoritative contribution to the definition of the final technical details.

The commercial aspects, instead, will be directly managed by Birel marketing department, which will also define some satellite teams in the international ambit and on the single national markets. Kubica Kart project guidelines and the official pilots of the Racing Team will be officially presented in the month of December.

But a preview dedicated to the new kart will take place, for experts and press, on occasion of the Birel end of season party, scheduled next 22nd November in Desio.

This is how Robert Kubica highlights the main points of this initiative:

"I wished to do something active in the world of kart racing, discipline which allowed me to stand out and take the path leading to F1, and which I still love.

With this project I would like to use my experience to focus the work of the team I am setting up especially on the young generations. I would like to offer them effective support to help them stand out in top karting and, if necessary, guide their first steps towards motor racing.

I am sure that collaboration with Birel will be a technical and commercial success, and that together we can positively develop this project over the medium run. Karting is a usual training feature for me, therefore I can also provide technical opinions and advice, actively collaborating with Pietro Sassi who will be in charge of the operative management of the team, as well as with Birel technicians and the pilots of the official team. Regarding the names of the pilots, we are assessing applications for all the three KF classes, and might get directly involved in KZ category."

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