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Chrysler made a really big deal about its three electric vehicle concepts that were first introduced to the public in September of last year (still not used to that, huh?) and was sure to mention at every opportunity that it planned on introducing at least one of these three vehicles, or at least a variation of the general theme, by 2010. There are quite a few skeptics - we ourselves are taking a "wait and see" attitude towards the situation - but the big loans that the automaker just got mean that it'll at least be around long enough to show the concepts at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show later this month.

Don't expect to see a lavish display like we saw last January from Chrysler, when it trotted out an entire herd of cattle through downtown Detroit for the launch of its 2009 Dodge Ram pickup. Although Chrysler's not talking about it quite yet, the fact that we've seen spy shots of an electric Dodge Roadster already, our best guess is that the Lotus-based electric sportscar is the best bet to see production.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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