Tata Motors made a big splash when it announced the Nano, billed as the world's cheapest automobile. Could the Indian automaker follow that car up with the world's cheapest hybrid? Well, that really depends on your definition of hybrid, as Tata is said to be working on a more eco-friendly version of the Nano microcar that will feature stop/start technology and is referring to the machine as a micro hybrid. Semantics aside, the Bosch-supplied technology is expected to reduce fuel consumption and improve emissions by something like 5 to 10 percent. All that for a few hundred dollars.

Of course, being such an inexpensive machine, even a few hundred bucks is a big percentage of the Nano's $2,500 price tag, and Tata is worried that the new micro hybrid drivetrain will add too much cost to the car. Tata is also expected to launch diesel and electric versions of the Nano, and we're not sure what order each of the models will launch in, and we all know there are many factors that can influence Tata's timeline.

[Source: Hybrid Cars]

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