The smallest Honda we can currently get here in North America is the B-segment Fit. Back in Japan however, Honda has always offered smaller A-segment and the even smaller 660cc Kei-class cars. These have not been available outside of Japan but that could soon change. Honda will apparently be introducing an A-segment model to challenge the Toyota iQ, Volkswagen up! and Hyundai i10. There's still no word on whether the new mini will make it to the US. We'll probably have to wait and see whether the iQ and up! come here and if they sell well.

Honda will try to keep the price of its new small car down and less subject to volatility by sticking to conventional products rather than some more advanced materials. It's possible the new car will even get equipped with Honda's IMA hybrid system. We may see the new car in concept form at the Tokyo Motor Show this fall.


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