If you live in Arizona, you might want to take a run down to the garage and check your license plate, because as of January 1, a new law has been implemented that makes it illegal to cover the word "Arizona" on your tags.

The state legislature initially passed the law way back in 2006, but delayed its implementation until now. Fines for covering the state's name on a number plate will vary from city to city, but they're expected to average around $135 plus court fees. Many aftermarket license plate frames pose the risk of turning drivers into ATM machines instant lawbreakers (check out the warnings/disclaimers posted with these items the ASU bookstore). While other states have similar laws in place, the proliferation of more than 60 different specialty plates available in Arizona may complicate matters, but something tells us that Arizona police will find a way to make drivers pay.

Rest assured, this debate's not over, either. State Senator Jay Tibshraeny (R-Chandler) is working on legislation that would repeal the law. Tibshraeny points out that the fines are exorbitant (the no-seat-belt fine in AZ, by contrast, is a paltry $10), and he feels that the law will simply lead to more "pretext stops" by police officers. Thanks for the tip, Robby.

[Source: azcentral.com]

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