Having gone through the automotive equivalent of a near-death experience, we are happy to report that Th!nk is registering vital signs again and that the halted production of its sub-compact City is set to resume, sort of. The company is still on life support and the factory in Aurskog will be completing vehicles and making some parts for future cars rather than resuming a regular production schedule. The head of the "debt committee", Jo Rodin, said (in Google-translated English), "There will be no cars on the market in January."

According to the Norwegian news sources, short-term financing should be in place by Tuesday or Wednesday that would allow for a couple months of breathing room and help the troubled automaker to reach agreements with current creditors and hopefully attract some new investment. Although the amount of debt owed by the company wasn't stated, it is said to need at least $29 million to keep going. We hope Th!nk manages pull a Lazarus since its demise would not only make for a gloomy Norway-hosted EVS24 in May but also prove problematic for American battery supplier, Ener1. To help boost spirits in the meantime, we offer up an entertaining bit of bonus video (after the jump) of an original Ford Th!nk making a spirited pass through some cones. Thanks to Sindre for the tip!

[Source: E24 / YouTube]

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