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The stated goal of the Automotive X-Prize is to spur the "design [of] viable, clean and super-efficient cars that people want to buy." That's going to take innovation, which is a great thing, though these concepts still need to be realistic. We're not counting anybody out, but a company called Roane Inventions may be stretching a bit with its TriTrack. The vehicle, which we first met in October, has a couple of different modes in theory, but for the purposes of the X-Prize's $10 million prize, the TriTrack will function as a three-wheeled electric vehicle with an 81.5 horsepower motor.

The entire concept is much larger, though, and would include a smaller battery and motor assembly that would power the car to a monorail track, where the battery would be left behind. After the destination is reached, a fresh battery pack would be reinserted into the TriTrack shell to get the driver where they needed to go. Ambitious? Definitely, and we're not so sure it's a great idea. Check out the galleries below and read this to get a better idea of how it's all supposed to work.

[Source: TriTrack via Wired]

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