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Volvo to webcast Detroit Auto Show press conference live

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It may not be the same as attending the event in-person, but a live, interactive webcast of Volvo's press conference at the Detroit Auto Show, where the S60 concept and production XC60 for North America will be shown, could be the next best thing. The broadcast is intended for media types and members of the press, but the fact that it's being aired on DirecTV (channel 101, January 11 at 5:30 - 6:30 PM ET) means that anybody with a television and the satellite service can watch it live. Alternatively, users can register for a password to the online site, the location of which is not yet determined.

The coolest bit of tech that's making an appearance for this event is the capability to send questions to a live host who will then relay selected inquiries to key Volvo executives. These days, the global economic downturn is affecting everyone, including those who would normally cover these events for the media. This being the case and assuming the event is a success, we'd expect to more manufacturers to adopt a similar system at upcoming auto shows. Of course, we'll be there live and you can always direct your browsers to our pages for the best coverage available.

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Volvo will Broadcast and Webcast Live from the North American International Auto Show - January 11, 2009.

"We will create an historic one-hour live TV show to be broadcast throughout North America and simultaneously presented on the World Wide Web. Media from around the world will be able to watch presentations from the Volvo display in Detroit while asking questions in real time to top management, designers and engineers," said Peter Ganjbar, manager Global Broadcast Media Relations, Volvo Car Corporation.

Gothenburg, SE --- Concerned over the possible decrease in attendance by automotive and business media at major auto shows around the world, Volvo Car Corporation has developed an innovative media service. Its inaugural use will be at the North American International Auto Show, January 11 in Detroit. "Media attendance at the major auto shows is critically important to Volvo for the launch of new vehicles and the sharing of corporate news. It was vital to consider new ways of reaching our core media base and to help journalists do their job regardless of their ability to travel or attend auto show media previews," said Peter Ganjbar, Manager Broadcast Media Relations at Volvo Cars.

Volvo Cars will debut the new crossover XC60 in Detroit along with an innovative S60 concept model, and will announce the company's latest safety engineering application.

"Volvo must continue its outreach to the world's media and allow journalists access to product information and corporate perspectives regardless of economic conditions. It is our obligation to help the press do its job," he continued.

The solution in this case will be a televised High Definition (HD) broadcast and simultaneous interactive global webcast, produced live from the Volvo display in Detroit. The one-hour program will air throughout the United States via the DIRECTV satellite system, now rated the nation's #1 satellite broadcast provider and linked to over 41 million households in the United States. The HD TV broadcast will include live coverage of the Volvo press conference supplemented by specific executive interviews and product explanations.

"But, the real news is our interactive ability to accept text media questions and to respond to these in real-time both on-air and via the web. This unique concept was first developed by havoctv for music and sports programming and will be adapted for this purpose," Ganjbar continued.


The Volvo/havoctv interactive webcast will enable viewing media - around the world - to watch the Volvo press conference and other program elements online and to text their question from a computer or appropriate mobile device during the one-hour program to an on-site host in Detroit.

The host will then ask Volvo program guests some of the submitted questions. Their responses will be seen and heard live on both the DIRECTV television broadcast throughout the United States and via the global webcast.

Participating media will be asked to register in advance to receive an online media password. Media Password registration will open January 5, 2009 and will continue through January 10, 2009. The registration site is: (TBD).


The program's goal is to provide media who may be unable to attend Volvo's Detroit press conference with exactly the same information their colleagues will see and hear at the event.

The Volvo press conference will air:

January 11 at 5:30 - 6:30 PM ET / DIRECTV Channel 101.

Standard Time Zone Adjustments Will Apply

For online viewing and submitting questions in real-time, Web access will be required.

Program content will stream at:

and also available at via a program link.

"The times call for vehicles that serve the needs of a global consumer concerned about sustainability, safety and economy. These Volvo core values must be communicated, regardless of the global economic slowdown and its residual affect on media covering our industry," Ganjbar concluded.

HAVOCTV: havoctv is now the leading US digital network for indie music and action sports. It is the number one sports VOD channel and the number two music channel in North America. Beyond VOD, havoctv hosts four hours of live interactive programming each night on Channel 101 - DIRECTV's satellite network. Havoctv reaches millions of viewers and delivers over 40 million video views each month. (

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