VIDEO: Rhys Millen New Year's Eve truck backflip... almost

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When automotive mad man Rhys Millen broke five vertebrae attempting to back flip the Red Bull trophy truck, it only made him want to try it again. The drift king set the stage for redemption on New Years Eve with the truck, ramp and huge crowd on national television for all to see. ESPN even had the obligatory live-cam shot of Millen's concerned wife to lend some extra drama to the daring jump. The magnificent Millen hit the ramp at speed, executed a near perfect back flip, then proceeded to roll his trophy truck. The rear passenger wheel touched down just before its parallel partner, resulting in a messy landing that left Millen's truck at its side.

Luckily, this time Millen walked away from the crash without any serious injuries, but his pride was still hurt. Millen did perform a mid-air back flip, but he doesn't count that for anything because "It's nothing unless you drive away." Fair enough. You know what they say, though, if you fall off the bike, you have to get back on and try again. Something tells us this isn't the last we've seen of Rhys Millen and back-flipping trophy trunks. At least we hope not. Hit the jump to see rolling footage of the back flip and crash.

[Source: YouTube]

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