Have you ever been on the road and hungry, and thought "By golly, if I only had a microwave I could heat... anything... and eat it!" Well, neither have we. But that hasn't stopped Maplin Electronics from coming up with a portable, 12-volt microwave that you can operate through your cigarette lighter or hooked up directly to your car battery.
The 14-inch wide, 10-inch high stainless steel heater-upper can crank out 175W when plugged in to the cigarette lighter. When you don't have time for all that slow roasting and need to get your ham cooked quickly, connect the portable microwave to the battery -- terminals included -- and you'll get 660W of fast-cooking power. We can only hope this contraption is an answer to a question no one was asking. However, if you want to be king of the tailgating party, your crown will only cost you £69.98.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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