Boris Johnson for Mayor of... San Francisco? Our favorite municipal chief executive may be taking his time in dismantling the congestion charge in London, but his services may soon be needed in the City by the Bay, as local bureaucrats there contemplate instituting a new charge for motorists wishing to enter – or leave – the city's downtown core.
Driving in San Francisco is already quite an ordeal, and it's listed as the second most congested city in the United States. Motorists already have to pay tolls to cross the bridge and exorbitant parking fees, but the new initiative in the notoriously environmentally-friendly haven in Northern California (a similar initiative to that which failed in New York), could achieve its purpose of deterring motorists from driving downtown altogether. Mayor Gavin Newson is in favor of the plan – which would involve charging cars $3 on the way in as well as on the way out – as is County Transportation Authority director Jose Luis Mosovich, who likens Hurricane Katrina, the economic crisis, global warming, and yes, even terrorism to the city's burgeoning traffic crisis.

[Source: Los Angeles Times | Photo: Panoramio]

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