Way back in October at the Paris Motor Show, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa raised a few eyebrows when he asserted that Ferraris produce fewer emissions than Priuses. On the surface, it's true - the total amount of fuel used in and all the emissions from every Ferrari in the world combined is less than those of all Priuses combined. Sadly, many people seem to stop right there, forgetting that mile-by-mile, the Prius is vastly more efficient. On average, Ferrari's aren't driven all the much, so of course they don't burn that much fuel. When they are running, though, they are anything but green.
Car and Driver waited a few months to pick up the story, but here it is on their pages today with the title, "Save the Earth: Drive a Ferrari." We're not fans of perpetuating an obvious myth, and this seems like one of those stories that's set to pop back up once every few months, much like the HUMMER versus Prius myth that still infects the internet from time to time. Shouldn't C&D be above this?

[Source: Car and Driver]

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