Outfitting your dream garage is easy. But how about spec'ing out a gearhead's office or living room?
Our list keeps growing, populated by things like engine-block coffee tables, Maserati lamps and Porsche and Aston Martin sofas, and is now joined by the office thrones from RaceChairs. The Philadelphia-based firm takes the buckets from exotic supercars like Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches and Lamborghinis and turns them into desk chairs. Of course, this kinda thing don't come cheap, and a Murcielago LP640 office seat will set you back a solid eleven grand. Not cheap, then, but they just may be perfect for sitting behind that Pininfarina-designed Luna desk, the MINI table, or that intricate clockwork desk, or RaceChairs can hook you up with a carbon fiber table instead.

Just don't expect anything to get done faster with these serving as your work space.

[Source: Auto Unleashed via Luxurylaunches]

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