After a three-year study by Transport for London was completed and showed that opening London's bus lanes to motorcyclists would improve safety for the two-wheelers without having any effect on the safety of anyone else, Mayor Boris Johnson announced that he'd allow motorcycles access to the red route lanes for a trial period beginning on January 5th. This move should not only improve safety but it should also make it quicker and easier for bikers to travel through London, which will have the desirable effect of lowering fuel use and improving emissions.
There are worries, though, that the plan will be scrapped after the 18-month trial period is over if bikers don't follow the rules of the road. To combat this concern, the Motor Cycle Industry Association has launched a new set of codes for motorcyclists to follow when using the bus lanes. This Code of Conduct has been made available online and can be downloaded free of charge here.

[Source: Motor Cycle Industry Association]

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