The problem with looking at apparent trends over a short time period is that what looks like a trend one day may be nothing more than a statistical blip. Looked at over a slightly longer period, it may turn out to be unsustainable. Nonetheless, Inhabitat has made a good go of looking at the green transportation trends for this year. Some will likely prove sustainable and others not, in many cases for the same reason: the economy. The biggest unknown that we face collectively is the world economy including how bad things will get and how long it will be until we see a recovery. The longer the economic downturn continues, the more it is likely that money will trump environmental concerns.

Given financial factors, some trends 0 like the move to smaller compact cars, bikes and more DIY projects - will probably continue just because people won't be able to afford bigger, more expensive vehicles. On the other hand, the move toward more advanced "green" cars like EVs may stall because of the high cost associated with early examples. Only time will tell but Inhabitat is willing to give it a go.

[Source: Inhabitat]

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