Mazda is in a unique position in the automobile world with its rotary engine. The Wankel engine happens to run rather well on hydrogen and is not as susceptible to many of hydrogen's shortcomings as other internal combustion engines. The Japanese automaker has had hydrogen-fueled rotary-powered cars on the roads for the last few years and the automaker has previously suggested that it hopes to have a hydrogen-fueled car in production within the next five years.
Auto Motor und Sport is now suggesting that Mazda's next-gen rotary-powered sportscar will feature a dual-fuel arrangement, being capable of running on both gasoline and hydrogen gas. If these rumors are accurate, we can expect Mazda's first production hydrogen car to hit the roads in 2012 and revert back to a standard 2-door body style. The current RX-8 uses a set of reverse-hinged doors just aft of the normal front portals. We'll see.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport (translated) via The Truth About Cars]

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