More government regulation to protect people from themselves...whee! The UK's camera-infested roads haven't been the most blissful place for driving enthusiasts in the last few years, and now there's a push to fit speed limiters to cars.
Proposed by the exhaustively-named Commission for Integrated Transport and the Motorists' Forum, the limiter concept is being touted as a way to cut emissions and save lives. The idea is that the technology would integrate with a vehicle's systems to slow the car down - including intervening by automatically applying the brakes to bring a vehicle down to the speed limit. Satellites will be used to determine where a vehicle is, and drivers are reported to appreciate having the burden of actually paying attention lifted from their shoulders. Hmmm.

Given how many local governments rely on speed camera revenue, we're not altogether sure what kind of legs this plan has, but consider us concerned all the same.

[Source: BBC]

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