Finding good uses for cars that can no longer drive is always good news. But it's even better when you can recycle old cars into infant incubators using a design from the engineers at Design that Matters. Approximately 3.9 million infants die every year in the developing world, and 1 out of 4 could be saved if they had access to incubators.
So, how do incubators come from old cars? The idea came from Dr. Jonathan Rosen, who found that no matter how remote a community is, there always seemed to be a Toyota 4Runner around. He thought that it could be a good idea to strip and alter an old 4Runner so it would become an incubator: the heat for the unit comes from a pair of headlights, an automobile air filter and fan provide the climate control that stabilizes the chamber's temperature and a simple car door alarm signals emergencies. Since there's no shortage of old cars and parts, the project surely has a lot of supplies. Let's hope they get enough funding to see the project flourish.

[Source: Treehugger]

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