We've seen a few "buy one, get one" deals over the last year or so, but it generally involves two cars that the average enthusiast wouldn't have much interest in. Now, David Thomas, owner of Subaru of Plano (that's a suburb of Dallas, TX), has instituted just such a deal for a couple of all-wheel drive Subarus in the form of a free Impreza (okay, so it's $1.00) with the purchase of a Subaru Outback. That's more like it, right? We're sure that there are numerous fine print details to go over, but the gist of it is that you'll pay full price for an Outback and a buck plus tax, title and license for the Impreza, after which you can drive the Impreza for two years with zero payments. Assuming that the resale value of the Subaru Impreza remains solid, Thomas maintains that the deal will still make him some money. Those wanting to take Thomas up on the offer have until January 2nd to do so.

[Source: Dallas Business Journal via Kicking Tires]

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