Solar energy and submarines might seem like two things that just don't go together very well. But if a tiny Tango EV can plow snow, then why not give underwater solar a try? A new Swiss project is set to prove that nothing is impossible with a good set of batteries and a solar platform. Project Goldfish, as it's called, aims to build a submarine powered with electricity obtained from solar power. The energy is captured and stored on a floating platform. This energy is then used to fill the submarine's batteries, which has enough juice to go dive down to 200 meters in the waters of a Swiss lake. The project is sponsored by Swiss utility company BKW and guess what, they say that such a platform can and should be used to power houses and all sort of electric vehicles. The submarine is set to start operations in 2012. Can a solar-powered Squba be far behind?

[Source: Projekt Goldfisch]

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