A lot has changed for automakers in the last year, not the least of which would be General Motors. Just last year, GM CEO Rick Wagoner managed to grab the top spot on Motor Trend's list of most powerful people in the automotive world. As you might imagine, it's tough at the top and a bankruptcy that was barely avoided thanks to a set of last-minute, low-interest loans from the Feds has, not surprisingly, prompted MT to move Wagoner down from his perch as numero uno. In fact, Wagoner has fallen completely out of the top 25 and been lapped by Ford's Alan Mulally and even Bob Lutz, Ed Welburn and Tom Stephens – all men who report up to Wagoner. Ouch. Chrysler execs are also conspicuously absent from MT's latest Power List of People Who Matter. Wondering who managed to make the cut? There are the usual suspects, such as Carlos Ghosn and Takeo Fukui, along with a few others that you might not expect to see. We don't want to spoil it all for you, though, so click here to see the whole shebang.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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