Click above for a high-res look at the Radio Flyer Cloud 9

Childhood just isn't childhood without owning a Radio Flyer. Made by a company now over 90 years old, the little red wagon long ago established itself as a mainstay for children across America and around the world. (Heck, even this writer had one growing up in Canada, eh?). The enduring simplicity of the metal – by now replaced by plastic – red wagon has endured the test of time, embracing its minimalism while everything else around it goes digital and high tech. But no more... Radio Flyer is getting with the times, starting with the wagon you see here.

Called the Cloud 9, the streamlined wagon you see above is just a concept at the moment, but it's already packed with more bells and whistles than you could shake a Louisville Slugger at. For starters, the little tots sit in contoured bucket seats with five-point harnesses. They've got cupholders in there, too, and storage bins built into the frame. Mom, Dad or nanny get to tinker with the built-in MP3 dock and integrated speakers, plus a handlebar display for temperature, time, distance and even speed. Of course, our enthusiasm for technological development applauds the progress, but our inner sentimentalism can't help but wonder if the little red wagon shouldn't have been left alone.

[Source: CNN]

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