With gas prices falling and truck sales back up, you might think that paying closer attention to how many people are in your vehicle, keeping track of how much gas you're using, or if you should even be using a petroleum-powered vehicle at all has fallen off everyone's radar. Not so. We've recently found a slew of stories about these very topics, and decided to put them all in one place. So:
  • First, during the busy holiday delivery season, UPS took a page from Manhattan bike couriers and introduced bicycle deliveries in the West Coast states. For every three bikes in the program, Brown saved about 17 gallons of fuel and $50 each day.
  • Next, we find a "green" people's courier service called Stuff2Send. This is a UK-based network where you can offer to deliver something to another part of the kingdom if you're already headed that way. Alternately, you can pay someone who's on her way to where you want a package to go to take it there for you.
  • There's also a new employee ride-share program at Dell based on the Rides Near Me program.
  • Lastly, there's Cab Easy, which is kind of like a Stuff2Send but for people. In this case, you use the Cab Easy website to plug in where and when you'd like to catch a cab, and your destination. Then, the system looks to see if anyone else is headed in the same direction at the same time. You coordinate and share the cab ride, eliminating at least one vehicle trip and probably saving some money, too.

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