Depending on your point of view, General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner could either be considered a Godsend or a pariah that represents all that's currently wrong with the country. Of course, we're referring mainly to the automotive bailout that the CEO helped (or hindered, again depending on your viewpoint) negotiate with the Feds and its impact on the jobs of thousands of Michigan workers. Regardless, Mr. Wagoner has been nominated for the "Michiganian of the Year" trophy by The Detroit News. That oughtta ruffle a few feathers.

Also up for the award, and perhaps equally as divisive, is John Dingell, the recently displaced chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. These men are just two of the choices mentioned by the newspaper, which has polled Michigan residents annually since 1978 for the award. Submissions are now open, and you can either cast a vote towards one of the preselected candidates or fill in your own.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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