We're not sure how many companies there are that are producing or testing on-demand hydrogen systems, but we're getting rather accustomed to seeing new ones nearly every single day, each one touting radical and impressive-sounding fuel mileage and emissions improvements. The latest comes from Hydrogen Hybrid Corp, which claims to have finished testing its $8,995 8X Mega Fuel Cell System on a Class 8 semi truck equipped with a Series 60 Detroit 14L diesel engine. Now that the testing, which the company says took place on US roads from Ohio to California and back, is complete, the vehicle is supposed to be on display at The Queen Mary Parking lot in Long Beach, CA.

So, what does HHC claim its 8X Mega Fuel Cell System is capable of? An increase in fuel economy of 30-100 percent along with a decrease in emissions of up to 95 percent. That would certainly be impressive it if were true, but we're not really convinced that a box that measures just 24x18x18 inches containing what the company refers to as "an unordinary method of resonant electrolysis" can really produce "over 2,500 liters of hydrogen per hour" as the company claims.

Even if the system worked as advertised, a number of questions need to be answered. For instance, how much water would be required to support that kind of hydrogen extraction? Where would that water be stored? Where does the electricity for the electrolysis come from? What impact does it have on the engine's ability to make power? And so on.

[Source: Hydrogen Hybrid Corp]

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