Thinking back on the year that (almost) was, there are plenty of horrid points to ponder, many of which revolve around the automotive world. The biggest story of the year is surely the poor state of the American economy, which has had dire consequences for the Detroit automakers and has led to a bailout package for two of the three companies. There are plenty of other points to consider as well, a point proven by Fortune's list of the 21 Dumbest Moments of 2008. Jet-gate, aka the Detroit 3's CEO's first trip to Congress, comes in at number one, with the subsequent visit's drive in each automaker's respective greenest vehicle coming in for second place.

Sure, those events were memorable, but we can't forget Bob Lutz's "Global warming is a crock of $#!+" comment either, which manages a not-so-respectable 10th place finish from Fortune. The 18th spot is awarded to the price of oil along with all of the confusing things that go into awarding a dollar value to a barrel of crude. Got anything to add to this not-so-illustrious list?

[Source: Fortune]

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