Biodiesel, meet electricity. That's the message being sent by the reopening of the Green Station. It used to be just a biodiesel refueling stop; not it's a biofuel pump station and a ZENN dealership. According to, station co-owner Bill LeBon now thinks that NEVs like the ZENN can be the "perfect car to do 90 percent of your driving in," and he hopes that selling the low-speed electric cars now will prepare him to offer the $30,000 high-speed cityZENN EV whenever that makes it to market. The article says that ZENN execs are hoping to "preview the new technology [i.e., EESTOR] in the fall of 2009" also got the following quote from ZENN spokesperson Catherine Scrimgeour: "Aside from autos, this capacitator could change all kinds of other things. Imagine personal electronics-your laptop or cell phone could be charged once a month. It's a huge leap forward." It sure would be, but we're starting to lose consciousness over here from holding our breath.

[Source: via EVWorld]

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