On New Year's Eve, Knight Rider returns to the airwaves following its extended holiday hiatus. Once the 12/31 episode is out of the way (it's reportedly one of the earliest ones filmed, so expect it to suck miserably), the too-little-too-late "reboot" of Knight Rider will get rolling, with character deaths (yes!) and a story arc that will include a KITT vs. KARR showdown. As in the original series (which seems like I, Claudius compared to the current dreck) Peter Cullen will provide KARR with his voice. Unfortunately, instead of a two-tone 3rd-gen F-body, that voice will be attached to giant transforming robot. That's all good for Peter Cullen, who knows from voicing transforming robots, but for Knight Rider it seems pretty dopey, which is par for the course. For a sneak peek at KARR's new form, check out the video snippet posted at Knight Rider Online. Liveblogging the final nine episodes of this catastrophe is gonna be fun, and it all resumes Wednesday at 8pm Eastern.

[Source: Knight Rider Online]

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