Despite the distinct thumb in the eye given by southern Republican senators like Alabama's Richard Shelby, General Motors and Chrysler have received the cash infusion the companies need to continue operations. Judging by Detroit News columnist John McCormick's inbox, many readers are calling on northern states to give it right back to the South.
McCormick's readers note that those same southern states, which evidently have no qualms about giving huge tax breaks to foreign automakers to set up shop, also also seem to require a disproportionate amount of federal funding, including after natural disasters that require huge sums of federal aid.

Further, when events like Hurricane Katrina strike places like Alabama, automakers like Ford, GM and Chrysler are usually among the first to send in aid and emergency vehicles. McCormick's readers appear to suggest that maybe next time those companies shouldn't be so quick to help. Those who wrote in also suggest that Northerners - many of whom winter or vacation in the South - should consider spending all those dollars elsewhere instead.

Do McCormick's readers have it right? You know where to make your voice heard... let us know.

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