2008 is at an end, and while the editorial pages of some newspapers spend the final days of December focusing on ways to further burden taxpayers and foment interstate hostility, the Washington Post Magazine has, thankfully, handed several pages over to Dave Barry who, as usual, makes the events of the past year actually seem funny. This includes car-related stuff like the farcical Detroit bailout proceedings, which often bordered on satire. Fortunately, Barry knows exactly how to handle that sort of thing, and does so much in the same way David Ortiz handles a hanging curveball with runners in scoring position. Hilarity ensues on many fronts, except maybe inside the executive boardrooms of GM and Chrysler, the latter of which earns mention in Dave's June summary with, "In economic news, Chrysler announces a plan to lay off workers who have not been born yet." This year-end recap is best appreciated as a whole, however, so if you're in a mood to lighten things up this afternoon, head over to the WaPo and just read the whole thing.
[Source: The Washington Post]

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