Over at the BMW Blog, they have managed to get hold of a copy of what is believed to be BMW's 2009 product introduction roadmap. The Munich automaker will be introducing a wide array of new production vehicles next year including a new Z4 roadster and hybrid versions of both the new 7-series sedan and the X6 "whatever it is." Perhaps most interestingly, the roadmap indicates that two different electrically-driven concepts will appear next year.

Earlier this year, BMW unveiled the MINI E as the first product of it's Project i, which is meant to develop urban electric vehicles. The second output of the project is expected to be the Concept eDrive. This time, instead of the MINI, either the 1 or 3 series will form the basis. Beyond electric drive not much else is known, but given the relative speed with which the MINI E was developed, this will probably go a step beyond that first draft, perhaps using battery technology specifically developed for automotive use.

The second new EV is dubbed the Z Vision Concept. In BMW nomenclature, the Z models are all two seat roadsters and this should carry forward to the new concept. This smaller electric sports car is also thought to be based on the 1-series with a dual cockpit layout and no windshield. No word on which shows will host the debuts of these cars but Geneva is likely to be one of them. Thanks to Horatiu for the tip!


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[Source: BMW Blog.com]

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