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Now this is just funny. If you're buried under a bit of snow these days then perhaps you'll soon be wishing you were like George Clooney and had a Tango EV. You'll see what I mean after watching this video. Without any special attachments, the diminutive electric vehicle comes blasting out of a garage and clears a path through the snow pile. According to our friend Paul Scott of Plug In America, this video was shot by Tango masterminds Rick and Brian Woodbury in Spokane, WA. What else can a Tango do? How 'bout take on the Tesla on the drag strip. Small car, big heart. And, while some say the small car might pose a danger to its occupants, Rick can make the safety case. Plus, with its narrow design, you really only need half the lane to be plowed in the winter. Video after the jump.

[Source: Paul Scott]

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