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Japan's Auto Sport magazine has procured a handful of shots and some preliminary specs on the FIA-GT1-ready Nissan GT-R, and judging by the modifications and performance stats, Nissan is planning an all-out assault on the series and a possible campaign at LeMans.

In order to get the GT-R up to snuff, NISMO has fitted the super coupe with a full body kit, GT-style wing, plexiglass windows, upgraded brakes, wheels and ducting, along with a hood reminiscent of the unit fitted on the SuperGT GT500 class GT-R. Informed speculation says that Nissan has ditched the twin-turbo'd 3.8-liter V6 in favor of a V8, possibly the 4.5-liter VK45DE used on the SuperGT racer.

The Nissan GT-R LM is rumored to be putting out 542 hp and 448 lb-ft of torque with a curb weight of 3,417 pounds and a price tag somewhere in the ballpark of 18,000,000 yen, or just under $200k US. Production is rumored to be limited to 300 units total, with 10 vehicles being built each month.

The LeMans car would only be sold to teams competing in the enduro, with a price tag of 65,000,000 yen ($720k US), 592 hp, 506 lb-ft of torque and tipping the scales at 2,976 pounds. There's still no confirmation when Nissan will begin campaigning the GT-R in a series outside of SuperGT, but don't be surprised to see an LM-spec car in at least one series in 2009.

[Source: GTRCenter]

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