It appears that Ginetta Cars, a storied British company that's been building racing and road cars since 1958, may be heating up the electric sports car market with a gas-free version of their latest automotive masterpiece, the G50. Information about the car is scant. Their website states only that it is all-electric, can reach 120 mph and will have a range up to 250 miles. No acceleration times are given but it will hopefully be at least as quick as it's Ford-powered sister (which was just given the top spot in Autosport Magazine's "Top 10 Cars of the year") which is said to do 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds.

In case you are skeptically thinking, "Perhaps they are just fobbing off a pretty picture and saying it's electric," please consider that, not only is there confirmation of the G50 EV driving on public roads by the company that integrated the electric drivetrain, RaceTech Harnessing, but it has also been photographed hood up with its controller box exposed. We've put in a request for more info and we'll let you know what we learn about this low carbon Lightning GT competitor as soon as it becomes available.

[Source: Ginetta via g-wiz owner's club forum]

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